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Massage Services

1st Visit * $15 Off
60 Minute Customized * $60
75 Minute Customized * $75
90 Minute Customized * $90

$10 Off each session for 1x Month Visit
$15 Off for Qty(3) Prepaid Pkg

Note: Customized Massage means that Wanda will use the appropriate technique from her many years of training that delivers the best results. In addition, each client has their "choice"of pressure ranging from light, firm or deep.  Sports related stretching can be included.

Each session includes the following complimentary services:
*Therapeutic grade essential oils
*Hot Towels
*Far Infrared Heat treatment
*Healing Energy/Reiki(upon request)

Beyond Massage

Sacred Sessions
$90 * 90 Minutes

Sacred Sessions is a combination of an Intuitive Massage(upper neck/back/shoulders), an Angel Card Reading, and guided "Visioning".

This offering is designed to help the Body release tension and stress(via Massage) while helping the Mind to calm anxious thoughts with "Visioning.  An Intuitive reading is done using Angel Cards to help reveal messages that may provide clarity and confirmation to questions that you may have been contemplating.

Here what others are saying:

"My intention with providing therapeutic massage and healing services is beyond traditional bodywork.  People who find me have made a "Conscious" decision to experience life in a more clear and optimistic way.  I work with people who embrace massage therapy as a tool that helps to keep them in balance and reduce the impact of stress on their overall well being.   All services provided at Conscious Healing Space help each client to become more present and empowered which in turn adds value to their families and their community".

Wanda P. Gaskins L.M.B.T. 5259
Owner-Conscious Healing Space

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