CONSCIOUS HEALING SPACE - Meet Wanda - Charlotte, NC
CONSCIOUS HEALING SPACE -  Massage * Energy Work * Self Care
Wanda P. Gaskins L.M.B.T 5259
(since 2005)
Wanda is a multifaceted "healer" who combines her expertise as a "Stress Reduction Specialist" and "Professional Encourager utilizing the "Sacredness" of  massage therapy as a foundational tool to help her clients make changes to their overall wellbeing.   Her approach is more somatic(intuitive) versus structural. She relies on her collective bodywork skills to understand what your needs are based on the intake interview, but she also "listens" to the body once the session begins. Wanda will adjust the session to give you "balanced" bodywork using the appropriate techniques necessary for the situation with the main goal being to address what your issues may be, ranging from reduction of physical and/or emotional stress, tension, and/or pain.  Wanda also makes recommendations to her clients as appropriate, always within her scope of practice and educational training, to further assistant them.  For example, journaling or reading assignments to help with inner healing work.
 Specialties for Body/Mind/Spirit are:
*Deep Tissue
*Orthopedic Neck
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